Company Profile

Global Carbon Credit Corp. provides investors access to the voluntary carbon credit markets, where exponential growth in volume and value is forecast over the next decade.

The Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming below a temperature rise of 1.5°C means companies across the world are signing up to “net-zero” and “carbon neutral” commitments.

To meet these targets, many businesses may purchase carbon credits to offset carbon emissions while they implement their plans especially for emissions that cannot not yet be eliminated due to costs or technological limitations.

For the most part, access to the voluntary carbon markets is closed to the retail investor. There exists exchange traded funds (ETFs) or exchange-trade notes (ETNs) for investing in certain compliance carbon markets but these types of securities are not currently available to invest in the voluntary markets. We intend to be one of the few companies offering investors exposure to the overall voluntary carbon markets and leverage to potential higher carbon prices.

We intend to build a broad-based portfolio of carbon credits representing various project types, locations and vintages to capture the price appreciation expected due to the carbon

abatement cost curve. Higher carbon prices will be needed to encourage investment in the low carbon technologies, such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, required for the world to reach net-zero by mid-century.

Voluntary carbon credits are an important tool in climate finance as they help fund projects that would otherwise be uneconomical and not developed without the revenue generated from the sale of the credits. By supporting the voluntary carbon markets, we aim to be a true impact investor in the fight against climate change.